Welcome and Hello to Spirit Warrior Graphics, SW Graphix for short. This is home to Spirit Warrior Publishing which uses SW Graphix Website Design and publishes Dogg Day Afternoon Comix, the Spirit Warrior Comic Series, the Holistic Life Journal with the Holistic Life Journal Workbook,the Academy of Holistic Christian Living curriculum and the Tropic Jazz series.

I’m Mac of Dogg Day Afternoon Comix. I’m here to show you around our website and give you any information that may help you to get to know us better. If you’d like to say “Hi!” contact us, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Who knows, once you get to know us, we might end up working together.

Our passion is writing and graphic creation – instructional, website, fiction, comics and graphic design. Working on website creation, website maintenance and logo/graphic design also gives us a charge.


Welcome to the SW Graphix blog. This is where you can see what I’m up to. Your feedback is welcome, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say….


I’m Robert Bradley, the founder, creator and head bottle washer. During the day I’m a mild mannered Adjunct Professor, Traditional and Meditative Karate Instructor, Holistic Wellness Coach, Cartoonist and Writer. At night and whenever the opportunity presents itself, you’ll find me writing.

And to keep myself and others moving, I conduct workshops on Relaxation Through Moving Meditation (Meditative Karate), Self-Awareness/Self-Protection. The Meditative Karate Programs are ideal for Arthritis and Joint Mobility.

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