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Japanese Karate-Do Articles & Blog

Established in 1996, Japanese Karate-Do Dojo is a member of The World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO) and is dedicated to the study of Traditional Shotokan Karate. Our dojo(school) is dedicated to the pursuit of personal excellence and the advancement of Shotokan Karate.
The Japanese Karate-Do Dojo takes pride in providing a family friendly atmosphere, offering classes for adults, teens and kids.  The JKD dojo also provides national and international guest instructors for seminars and workshops.
The JKD articles and blog provide information to help students and visitors to get an overview of the activities and training that occurs during classes and seminars.
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We are The Church Connected. We're a group of Christians with the goal of helping other Christians grow by: Emphasizing holistically Christian education, Using resources to support others seeking to do good within their sphere of influence and Developing relationships through various forms.

The Church Connected articles are written to educate and encourage users to understand and apply various areas of biblical knowledge.


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AoHCL is a flexible and powerful education and empowerment platform designed for you to incorporate your current teaching, fellowship, study, employment and physical exercise programs into a complete, integrated whole. This integration makes this program Holistic in its approach to living life with a distinctly Christian worldview.

Curriculum, forum entries and journals are written to help individuals, groups and coaches have a measureable and practical tool for growth and development.


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 Around My Home Town is a online directory of local events, businesses and more. It was created to help you find everything that is happening in your city/town or those nearby. Even today finding community based events and local businesses can be difficult. The big events – the ones with big names, big crowds and big venues come with big budgets.


Helping people connect and know what's available within the city and the community is the focus of writing created for this directory. Givng a fun, whinsome look at the locations you find yourself and establishments helps people feel a relationship to the place and is the aim of the articles at Around MyHometown.



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